Thursday, 11 October 2012

Peterborough Free Business Texting

"Peterborough SMS marketing"

These days many organizations see SMS Text Marketing as being the most effective and cost efficient channel for marketers to get their message out to their target audience.  This is because text marketing is simple to use and put into action and it also gives you access to an ever increasing number of mobile phone users who are happy to receive text messages. Business text marketing in Peterborough will give many benefits to those businesses that use it.

These days nearly all mobile phones are now SMS capable, which means there are over 5 billion potential subscribers worldwide. The average mobile phone user sends approximately 600 messages per month whilst compared to using less than 200 voice minutes per month.

Increasingly SMS text marketing is being utilised by both large and small companies to increase their brand awareness or advertise their business. This is because Text Marketing is well known to be highly effective as it has a very high open rate but also because it provides the best return on investment.

Something you will be interested in is Global BizznessApps are able to make that ROI even more attractive because they provide you with free business messaging.  Primarily Global BizznessApps provide a robust and simple to use platform to enable small and medium size businesses to build their own mobile business apps.  

Their clients use a content management system to access all the 48 apps, they also provide secure hosting for a free mobile they provide to their clients.  Global BizznessApps provide full training manuals, training videos and webinars and technical support. 

The package of affordable business apps is continually growing but there are currently over 48 apps available, providing some amazing features that will enhance any businesses image and performance and give their clients a better online experience.  Don't forget this also includes unlimited messaging.

Watch the short video below as it provides you with an overview of what is provided.